I visualize the symbolism of a jewel, through common objects from the everyday life. For me, a jewel is a mean of contact with my surroundings. To achieve this connection, I reform the everyday objects that I come across to a smaller size, to a wearable size. A fit the object and whatever symbolism and sentiment that bears to the dimensions of jewel.


By doing so, the object that provided the initial incentive travels from body to body, transferring its primal sentimental and symbolic value to different situations and instances.


I draw inspiration from nature’s microcosmos and

I am interested in the connection between natural and artificial world.


I depict living organisms (i.e. flowers) using metal or plastic, interfering with their life circle of life and their evanescent nature. 


Do I prolong their life or do I just capture them as I turn them into a jewel?  



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